Good Girl, Bad World Soft Cover

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Good Girl, Bad World Soft Cover

Do you worry about not fitting in with others your age? Are you the victim of bullying because you believe in different things or look differently than others? Does your uniqueness leave you feeling lonely, friendless, and hopeless?

In her book, Good Girl, Bad World, author Alexis Bloomer shows that you are not alone, you can have friends, and there is hope. Although successful in high school, Bloomer had very few friends. She experienced many of the things you might be facing now. Then, at age twenty-three, she made a video that forever labeled her as the ‘millennial video girl.’ Her video Dear Elders reached over 70 million people and encouraged millennials to change the status quo. Bloomer’s experiences encouraged her to start the #GoodGirlMovement, an organization that encourages women to promote self-love and show each other respect. Inspired by the #GoodGirlMovement, Good Girl, Bad World, encourages women to be ladies with self-respect in an age and a society that encourages women to stray from who they truly are. Women from around the world have told their most personal stories in hope that they can help other women.

Good Girl, Bad World is like talking with a good friend. With humor and honesty, Bloomer’s experiences show that you can be a good girl in a bad world. You don’t have to compromise your beliefs and values to fit in.

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    Great Book for ALL Ages

    Posted by Ashley Fitzsimmons on Jun 14th 2018

    I read this book in about two days! Alexis wrote an amazing book to help ladies of all ages better understand themselves and that they don't have to be like everybody else in this world to be successful. You can learn from her and the experiences she has went through to help you have a more positive and over all better life. I would highly recommend it!

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    Good Girl Bad World

    Posted by Jessica Woolsey on Mar 15th 2018

    Alexis Bloomer wrote this book straight from her heart. I know millions of girls will find comfort when reading it. When I received my book in the mail it had a hand written personalized message on the front page. She truest cares about kindness in the world. Highly recommend if you are going through a rough patch!

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    Wonderful book for today's young lady!

    Posted by Patricia on Dec 8th 2017

    “Good Girl, Bad World” has nailed it.! Ms. Bloomer gives her readers real world 21st century advice, examples, and even has other writers contribute encouraging stories for women who have faced life’s challenges. She encourages women to move forward to create a life that is filled with love, compassion, and hard work. She lefts readers know that being different is not only acceptable, but it is wonderful and can help you to stand out from the others around you. Ms. Bloomer’s character and determination shine through in this book. This is the perfect book for ladies of all ages and stages in life, especially those who are overcoming challenges in life, both big and small.

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    Posted by Mieli Hansen on Dec 1st 2017

    I'm not even done reading this book and it opened my eyes to how much negativity I surround myself with. I'm actually glad this amazing book helps you realize this bcause once you start noticing all of the negativity, you also start to see where you can input sooo much more positivity in those situations. Also you hive yourself the chance to be true to what you believe.

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    Good read!

    Posted by Josie on Nov 30th 2017

    loved this book

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    Every young lady, and woman needs this book!

    Posted by Makensie on Nov 29th 2017

    I feel as though Alexis took every thought and word straight from my head. I finally don't feel alone with my morals and with the type of woman that I am. This book was so eloquently written that it felt like I was just having a chat with a girlfriend over coffee. It was also a great read because it was not an overly long book and it was straight to the point, so it was not hard wanting to read it or making time to finish the book.

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    Posted by Laken Finney on Nov 27th 2017

    Such a great book & so inspiring to females of all ages. Alexis is such a talented writer and truly engages with her readers. This one was definitely hard to put down.

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    Posted by Erin on Nov 27th 2017

    The VERY first part I read (like the part before you started) spoke to me, thats how amazing this book is! Well worth every penny, every girl should read it!